Free online examination system recommendation-study and practice without leaving home

Compared with the traditional offline test, online exam is quick, convenient, time-saving and labor-saving. Now companies, governments or schools will choose online examination system for online training and online examination, which is a low-cost, high-efficiency way. And candidates can study and practice without leaving home.

So, what is the recommended free online examination system?

Generally, when we choose an online examination system, it is difficult to define which is the best. After all, every company, unit or even individual has different requirements. However, we can choose those with strong applicability—Online Exam Maker hope that can help you solve with all the problems about organizing online exam. If your company need an online exams system, please try it!

Why recommend our online examination system? What are the advantages of our system?

First, it has the convenience of organizing exams.
Online exams do not require exam venues,  test paper printing, and batch import function, and the entire process is greatly reduced. Whether online exam list , question bank or candidates, all support classification management in our system, which effectively prevents the inconvenienc about clutter or excessive data management.


Teachers can set subjects, question types, exam time, and number of questions in advance. The system selects and forms test papers for students to train according to the conditions set by the teacher. The multiple choice questions are automatically graded by the system, and the objective questions are independently scored by the student’s reference question analysis and answers.

What is more, it has the convenience after exam. The user does not need to take the manual examination method like the traditional exam, it takes a lot of manpower and material resources, and it is easy to make mistakes. Our online examination system supports automatic scoring.

Our examination system provides accurate examination report analysis (such as examination analysis, score analysis, candidate analysis, wrong question analysis, etc.). Unlike traditional examinations, it takes a lot of statistical work to get a report, which greatly saves time and cost.

It can be seen from the above that our online exam system can meet our usual test requirements after and before the exam. Of course, it not only has the above-mentioned functions, but also has intelligent anti-cheating function and candidate management.

Now the world is suffering from COVID-19, many people need to organize online exams. If you need it, why not come to us and Sign Up a free account to try it out!