The Best Cryptocurrencies – Including Bitcoin – to Be Mined in 2020

The Best Cryptocurrencies – Including Bitcoin – to Be Mined in 2020

The Best Cryptocurrencies – Including Bitcoin – to Be Mined in 2020


     The global spread of the Covid-19 pandemic is challenging many sectors, but in the crypto-sphere, activity continues, with the reduction in Bitcoin Mining (BTC) rewards, there is no doubt that miners are now placing more emphasis on the issue of strict profitability.

     In order to answer any questions about the most interesting cryptos to mine, The Coin Tribune has drawn up a selection of the most secure and exploitable assets for this year.

What crypto money to undermine in 2020?

     Bitcoin (BTC) remains the most profitable piece of equipment but remains out of reach for individual miners unless special conditions are met.

     Although very competitive, its exploitation requires millions of dollars of investment that only large companies can afford.

     Signs that invest in Bitcoin require the use of thousands of miners with the use of specialized equipment such as ASICs or Application Specific Integrated Circuits, the latest incarnation of which, Bitmain’s S19 PRO, was recently presented on TCT.

     To maximize their profit, these companies operate in countries where electricity rates are favorable.

     In any case, it is roughly the equivalent of $14,100,000 in Bitcoin that is paid to miners on a daily basis.

     In addition to Bitcoin, neo-miners also have the opportunity to exploit Ethereum (ETH).

     Very popular, it is the most profitable piece of equipment for miners who operate at home.

     Ethereum has the advantage of being easily exploitable on ASIC, but with the implementation of the ProgPOW algorithm, miners using GPU graphics cards still have the possibility to mine without investing massively inexpensive ASIC hardware.


Other exploitation possibilities

     Other crypto mining alternatives also exist and are proving profitable to individual miners. For example, you can use BitTube, a decentralized alternative to the YouTube video platform.

     Named TUBE, this low-value crypto is blockchain-based via the Cryptonight algorithm and is used to remunerate content creators.

     Its exploitation is fully profitable over the last few months for minors equipped with GPUs.

     Also accessible to individual miners, Ethereum Classic (ETC), and in general, tokens whose mining is allowed by the ETHASH process, and which, like Ethereum, are digital assets that can be mined from GPU platforms.

     The release of Ethereum version 2.0 is however pending, which will necessarily increase the ETC hash rate and change the mining conditions.

     Haven Protocol is another crypto that’s proving interesting to mine.

     This asset is based on the proof-of-work algorithm Cryptonight, also used by other cryptographic pieces, such as Monero.

     It is advisable to work on Cryptotnight with Nvidia GPUs, which are more suitable for this mining, compared to AMD signed GPUs, although either one can be used in Haven mining.

     Depending on your preference, you can also opt for Grin.

     With its CR29 and CT31 hash algorithms, this crypto is also ASIC-proof, meaning it does not suffer from unfair competition from dedicated war machines and can be operated on GPUs.

     This piece favors decentralized mining and thus gives amateur miners all their chances.

     With the exception of Bitcoin, which requires a significant investment, crypto mining is a fascinating and exciting activity. Whatever your preference, this passion is accessible to everyone.

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