Strawberry White Chocolate Mousse Cake

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Fresh strawberries garnish the cake

 This cake is great. If you love creamy mousse and fresh fruit this cake is for you.

Most strawberries in Japan are grown in hot house type structures and they available from late  January. Actually, January through April are the most popular months for strawberries rather than the hot summer.

There are 3 steps to make this cake. Each step is not difficult but together they will take a couple of hours. One way to reduce work is to find a friend and bake together.

Strawberry Gelatin
150 grams fresh strawberries sliced
20 grams raspberry puree
50 grams sugar
2 teaspoons corn starch
3 grams gelatin

Use two rings – smaller & larger sizes

For the dessert you will need two baking rings.  I used an 18 cm ring and a 15 cm one.

1. Prepare the 15 cm baking ring by covering one end with plastic wrap and secure with a rubber band.

2.  In a sauce pan, add the puree, sugar and corn starch. Heat until the sugar melts and everything is well combined. Add the strawberries and mix. Take off the heat. Soften the gelatin in warm water and add to the sauce pan. Mix lightly to melt the gelatin but don’t damage the strawberries. 

3. Place the ring on a plate with the wrap-side next to the plate Pour the strawberry mixture into the ring and place in the refrigerator to firm up. 


90 grams egg white

30 grams sugar

1 egg

1 egg yolk

35 grams almond powder

35 grams powdered sugar

40 grams flour (sifted)

5 grams butter (melted)

1. Sift the almond powder & powdered sugar together. 

2. In a bowl, mix the egg & egg yolks. Add #1 and mix together with a small whisk. The color should become light yellow.  

3. In a bowl, whip the egg whites and the sugar in portions. Mix with #2 using a spatula. Add in the sifted flour and mix. Add in the melted butter.

4. Put in a pastry bag and pipe two circles on a baking paper. Pipe the same size as the two rings that you use (i.e. one small and one large circle). 

5. Bake at 170 Celsius for 25 minutes until lightly browned. 

Before making the mousse, prepare the 18 cm ring by covering with plastic wrap the same way as for the gelatin. After the cake cools, cut two pieces to match each ring size. Put the covered 18 cm ring on a plate. 

White Chocolate Mousse

2 egg yolks

200 grams milk

1/2 vanilla bean

9 grams gelatin (softened in water)

10 grams Kirsch liquor

100 grams white chocolate

egg white (from 1 egg)

15 grams sugar

200 grams fresh cream (36%)

1. Whip the fresh cream until light peaks form. 

Whipped cream

2. Whip the egg white and add the sugar in portions to mix.

3. Cut the chocolate and put into a bowl over hot simmering water to melt. Turn off the heat once the chocolate is melted.

4. Mix the egg yolks in a bowl. Put the milk into a sauce pan. Cut the vanilla bean down the middle and remove the middle and add to the milk. Heat the milk until just boiling then pour into the egg yolk bowl and mix. Add back to the sauce pan and warm on low heat until it becomes slightly thickened. Remove from the heat and add the gelatin & Kirsch liquor. Strain into a bowl and cool lightly.

5. The white chocolate and egg/milk mixture should be the same temperature – about 30 Celsius. Add the egg/milk mixture to the chocolate in portions. Use a spatula to mix. The add in #2 and mix with a spatula. Add in the whipped fresh cream. The mousse will start to become firm so put the cake together quickly.

Putting Together

1. Take the strawberry gelatin and remove from the ring and place inside the 18 cm ring.

2. Pour 1/3 of the mousse over the gelatin. Be sure to fill the sides thoroughly between the mousse and the ring. 

3. Add the smaller piece of cake on top of the cake and put some sliced strawberries on top of the cake.

4. Pour the remaining mousse over the strawberries and evenly level the mousse. Add the last piece of cake on top of the mousse.

5. Put in the refrigerator for at least one hour before serving.

 1. To remove the ring, use a kitchen torch to heat the outside of the ring then it lifts off easily.  

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