Samsung 8k Tvs: Q950T Qled Tv 8K

Samsung 8k Tvs: Q950T Qled Tv 8K

Samsung 8k TVs: Q950T Qled Tv 8K  With No Edges 


     As the first highlight of the CES 2020, Samsung’s “First look” conference
showcased the Samsung Q950T, the brand’s new high-end TV. 

     The images
that leaked a few days ago were very real, Samsung has indeed launched a
borderless TV to open the 2020 edition of CES. 

     The Q950T will be the new
premium representative of the Korean catalog, with a design that is sure to
knock your socks off. 

     The terms “borderless” have serious marketing connotations when applied to
screens. However, with a tile that occupies more than 99% of the display
surface, the Q950T almost manages to make its contours disappear. 

     To achieve
this result, Samsung would have used a new method of gluing the panel as close
to the chassis as possible. The impression that the panel hugs the edges are
even more obvious when facing the Korean’s new flagship TV.

Samsung has renewed its most advanced processor, the Quantum Processor AI 8K.
But unlike last year, it now relies on deep learning (rather than machine
learning) to analyze images, especially in the upscaling process. 

     The other a major evolution of the QLED 8K is to be credited to the audio part. This has
been the subject of specific work and complete renewal. 

     Not only is the audio the system more efficient (despite the increased finesse of the TV), but it is also
more powerful with sound analysis functions as well.


Sound, the
Q950T’s hidden trump card?

      Indeed, the
Q950T inaugurates two new features that will gradually be integrated into the
Korean manufacturer’s range. 

     First of all, there is audio tracking sound +
which, as its name indicates, is an audio tracking process that allows the
sound to be spatialized according to its area of origin on the slab. 

example: if, in a tracking scene, a car crosses the screen from left to right,
this feature allows, in principle, to have the impression that the sound moves
on the screen at the speed of the car.

     As for the
active voice amplifier, it also offers a better acoustic experience by increasing
the volume of the dialogue according to the situation. 

     If in an action scene,
the actors’ lines are not very audible, this option readjusts their volume in

     Thanks to a microphone placed on the lower edge of the TV set, the
active voice amplifier can also take into account ambient noise, such as a
vacuum cleaner being passed next to the TV, for the same result.

the Q950T also includes a few other secondary software innovations such as
“Multiview”, i.e. the ability to reproduce the screen of your
smartphone on a part of the screen while continuing to watch your program. 

is also able to adjust the brightness and contrast of the image according to
the lighting conditions in the room. 

     Finally, like other high-end TVs from
Samsung this year, this model will no longer be content with Bixby but will
directly integrate Google Assistant and Alexa. 

     The price and availability of
the Samsung Q950T is not yet known, but the manufacturer has already announced
that the QLED 8K TV will be available in France in three sizes: 65-inch,
75-inch and 85-inch.

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