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        Google AdSense Make Money Online


    Google AdSense Publishers can now enable Automatic Ads without new code.
     Google has announced updates to the Adsense Auto ads, designed to make it easier to implement and customize. 

     AdSense publishers will be notified by email when the updates, which will be deployed in the coming weeks, are living in their accounts.

    An automatic announcement without code    

      No code required to activate automatic ads in AdSense accounts. Auto-ads, introduced last year, use machine learning to determine where and when to place ads on publisher pages. 

     Originally, in order to use auto-ads, publishers were required to place a code on their sites.

     Automatic ads now work with any AdSense ad block code. As a result, all AdSense publishers can now enable auto ads in their accounts without having to add a code to their sites.

     You can see your auto ad settings on the new Ads > Overview page in AdSense.

     More controls and reports. To disable auto-ads on specific pages or sections of your site, you can now add URLs to the Page Exclusions list.

     Google has also added a preview tool to see what the automated ads will look like before they go live. In the preview, you’ll be able to remove specific ad locations.

     Auto Ads will then automatically create a new location elsewhere on the page for you to view.

     An ad loading slider allows you to control the number of auto listings to be displayed on your pages.

    You can also specify the types of ad formats that can be placed by pop-up ads, including the corresponding content.

The reporting dashboard now displays manual comparisons of auto ad performance.

     Google has also announced a new type of test for auto ads that it is working on to determine how it looks on your site and test it on a segment of your traffic.

     Why should we care? Google is using its auto-learning capabilities to optimize ad positioning.

     With the user experience in mind, the combination of auto ads and manual controls should generate more revenue for publishers. 

     With the new side-by-side report on manual and auto ads, publishers will be able to see if these new tools meet this goal.

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