Authentic Suburban Gourmet: Pumpkin Molasses Tea Bread

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The San Francisco Bay Area is made up of micro
  You could drive one hour in
any direction from San Francisco
and experience on average a 25+ degree difference.  According to the weather authorities here, we
are in for a very warm week ahead and averaging in the low to mid 90’s.  Living in the Bay Area, we are known for our
Indian Summers where despite the calendar stating it is fall; we have summer
like weather through the end of October many years. 

We have been in a drought here for the last four years with
this year being the most severe.  We have
a 25% reduction on water usage which is based on our 2013 usage. Hubby and I
have cut our usage by almost 70% from the 2013 baseline.  I hope and pray the newscasters are correct
and that we are in for an El Nino year this winter – we certainly need it. 

It is time again for Blogger C.LU.E. Society and for the
month of September we were tasked to find a recipe with our assigned blog that
had fall fruit.  With the weather simply
screaming summer, it made this month’s theme all the more challenging.  I do love a challenge.  I first searched for apple and pear recipes,
and then moved onto pumpkin.  I know you
are probably asking yourself – “isn’t pumpkin a vegetable?”  That is what I thought too until I did a bit
more research.

A pumpkin is not
a vegetable; it’s a fruit!
Fascinating – huh? In fact, it’s a berry. Pumpkins
belong to the family Cucurbitaceae, which includes cucumbers, melons, squash,
and gourds. Within this family is the genus Cucurbita which includes gourds,
winter and summer squash, and all varieties of pumpkin. There are four species
that are considered “pumpkins,” but only one is the species most
people would recognize as the traditional pumpkin used for carving jack-o-lanterns
and baking pies.
This month I was
assigned to A Spoonful of Thyme who is published by Kathy.  She has early memories of feasting at her
Grandmother’s house each Sunday for dinner. 
Her Mom is a good cook and so I believe she was destined for the same
talents. Her cooking talents took off when she and her husband joined a Gourmet
Club – that was 33 years ago and still going strong with the club –
impressive!  Kathy’s mantra is that she
believes there is always “thyme” to cook and sit down as a family for an evening
meal. Cooking is a wonderful way to bring family and friends together to enjoy
food and each other.  I could not agree
After searching
and searching through her expansive recipe collection, I finally decided to
find a pumpkin recipe, although the season is a little early, I say – why
not!  I found this great recipe for
Pumpkin Molasses Tea Bread, which completely intrigued me.  I made some deletions and additions to put my
signature on this wonderful recipe. 
Thank you Kathy for the terrific recipe!
Pumpkin Molasses
Tea Bread
½ teaspoon Baking
1 Cup + 2
Tablespoons Pumpkin Puree
½ teaspoon Ground
½ teaspoon Ground
Preheat oven to
350 degrees
Use a stand mixer
and add the pumpkin puree, sugar, molasses and eggs and mix.  Next add the vegetable oil, salt, baking
powder and baking soda and mix together. 
Then add the spices and mix.  Last
slowly add the flour until well combined.

Grease and flour
a 9 inch loaf pan. Add the mixture and bake for about 1 hour.  Use a knife to test the center.  It will be done when it comes out clean.  Remove from the oven and let sit for 10
minutes.  Then turn the bread out onto a
wire rack to cool completely.  Finish
with dusting it with powdered sugar over the top.  Slice and enjoy with your favorite cup of

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