Authentic Suburban Gourmet: Baby Kale, Golden Beet and Goat Cheese Crostini

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It is Crostini time.  You know how I simply adore a brilliant
Crostini that is packed with flavor and color. 
Have I got a treat for you today? 
I was super excited when the wonderful folks at Dole Salads reached out
to me and asked if I would like to try some of their new salads.  I did not even have to hesitate and in turn
quickly replied with a resounding YES.  I
have partnered with them before and I have to say that their products are
brilliant, fresh and exemplify the utmost highest quality.

Once I opened the large box that was delivered to my office,
I was immediately intrigued by the Baby Kale. 
I mean I love, love, love kale and in a miniature format, I am all over
that.  I debated a bit about how I would
use this lovely green and then it came to me – a Crostini for Friday Night
.  First, let me quickly share with
all of you what other goodies came in this large box.  Dole just came out with 2 new flavors for
their Chopped Salad Kits – Sunflower Crunch and Sesame Asian – both were
supreme and full of crunch and packed with flavor.  Hubby and I did not add anything extra but I
can only imagine either with freshly grilled chicken or salmon.

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Another new line that was added to the salad collection at
Dole is their “Power Up Greens” line. 
They sent me the Baby Kale & Greens, Baby Kale and Spring Salad Mix
& Greens
.  As I mentioned earlier –
the Baby Kale caught my eye and gave me almost instant inspiration.  The final salad flavor sent to me was the
Kale Cesar – all I can say is that this was one DARN good salad in a bag.  I would highly recommend this one, especially
if you are a Cesar Salad enthusiast.

Okay, back to the Baby Kale – first it is the cutest ever
and second, the flavor and tenderness is right on point.  I had purchased some baby golden beets at the
farmers market the weekend prior and needed to use them.  In my opinion, roasting beets is the only way
to rock a beet.  I believe that good goat
cheese pairs perfectly with beets and the addition of the baby kale was the
just the thing to make with these beautiful ingredients.  The end result was a Crostini that hubby
devoured and is on the list to make again soon. By the way, a chilled glass of
Sauvignon Blanc would be the perfect pairing and Kim Crawford is one of my all
time favorites. Thank you Dole for sending some wonderful products and
inspiration!  Happy Friday Night Bites
and Cheers!
Baby Kale, Golden
Beet and Goat Cheese Crostini

Makes 20

4.5 oz. Baby Kale

4 to5 Medium Golden Beets

1/3 Cup Goat Cheese

2 Shallot, minced

2 Garlic Cloves, peeled and minced

6 Tablespoon Olive Oil

1 Baguette, 20 slices (1/2 inch thick)

Garlic Powder

Fleur de Sel

Place 4 tablespoons of olive oil in a small bowl. Brush each
side of the baguette with the olive oil and place onto a cookie sheet.  Sprinkle with a bit of garlic powder on each
one.  Bake at 350 for about 10 to 12
minutes and flip each one over half way through the cooking process.  Remove from the oven and cool.

Use a large baking dish to roast the beets.  Wash the beets and then sprinkle with a bit
of olive oil and cook at 375 degrees for 45 to 60 minutes or until tender.  You can tell when they are done cooking by
placing a sharp knife through the center and if it goes in easy, then they are
done cooking.  Let cool.  Remove the outer layer with a sharp knife and
cut into small dices.  Add to a bowl and
drizzle a bit of olive oil and a few dashes of garlic powder and toss well.  Set aside until ready to assemble.

In a large skillet add 2 tablespoon of olive oil and cook
for 2 minutes on high.  Add the minced
shallot and garlic and cook for 30 seconds. 
Next add the baby kale and toss well with tongs.  You will cook for 2 to 3 minutes or until the
baby kale is wilted.  Remove from the

Place a tablespoon of the kale mixture on top of the
Crostini.  Add about a tablespoon of the
cubes of golden beets to the kale and top with a few crumbles of goat
cheese.  Sprinkle with a bit of fleur de
sel.  Enjoy!

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