Anti-cheating Settings for Course

Anti-Cheating Settings for Courses

In case students do not take course learning seriously, there are anti-cheating settings provided by Online Exam Maker, including “Switching Screen Warning” and “xxx minutes after leaving, a reminder pops up”.


How to set up the anti-cheating settings?

The administrator can enter [Course Manager]-[Courses], click [Settings] and check the box of the anti-cheating settings to turn on the features.


Switching Screen Warning

With Switching Screen Warning on, if students switch screen during course learning, a warning will be given by the system and the course will stop playing.


“xxx minutes after leaving, a reminder pops up”

The administrator can set up “xxx minutes after leaving, a reminder pops up”, for instance, 1 minute. Then after one minute without operating, a reminder will pop up and the system will stop playing the course simultaneously to prevent students from being distracted by other things.