How to Set The Ranking List for The Exams?

Why the exam needs the ranking?

In some ways, rankings are the best option for determining the quality of colleges, universities and even the enterprises.It is evident that rankings do have a value as a reference and as basis for comparison. In online exam system, it also supports the ranking. This ranking can be useful for both examinee and exam organizers. For examinee, he/she can have a clear goal after acquiring the current position and try to pursue for the next exam. For the exam organizers, they can have a quick and direct view on the candidate’s performance to evaluate.

How do administrators to set a ranking?

In Online Exam Maker, when creating an exam, administrators can make settings on ranking, let’s follow the instructions below:

First, enter the [Exams List] and click the [Settings] button. img

Second, please click the [Result Page] and you will find 2 kinds of ranking. ①Rank by achievement ②Rank by person img

Be careful: If you want the ranking is ranked by person, you need to designate the groups to take the exam. img

After setting, when the student finish the exam, it will come up a ranking list.



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